audio visual作品「咒语 20210726 阴遁四局」,7.1声道DJ+6面体沉浸式投影,影像元素和声音采样基于奇门遁甲算法机制,PUSH各音轨分别对应八神、八门、九星、十天干……,由Clips节拍实时操控六面墙影像,现场可体验到声音的层次感,空间感和沉浸感。

Audio visual's work "mantra 20210726 Yin Dun four games", 7.1 channel DJ + 6-sided immersion projection, image elements and sound sampling are based on Qimen dunjia algorithm mechanism. Each sound track of push corresponds to eight gods, eight gates, nine stars, ten Heavenly Stems... Respectively. The images of six walls are manipulated in real time by clips rhythm, and the sense of hierarchy, space and immersion of sound can be experienced on site.