Micaela Lattanzio在该作品中探讨了一些社会性问题,比如人口激增,全球沙漠化,提醒人类去反思我们对生态环境的影响。与其他批判性作品不同,该系列只是艺术家对世界认知,是她对这种认知的回应。人类是生态系统中非常重要的组成部分,人类与万物一样也需要进化,而在这个过程中,我们需要找到一种平衡。

Micaela Lattanzio explores socio-political themes such as overpopulation and globe desertification, asking a fundamental question: what is the impact that our society has on the environment? The series is not a criticism, but rather a reflection on understanding the world, human being is an integral part of a complex system that is facing an evolutionary process in which it is imperative to find a necessary equilibrium.